24 Rides That Better Be At The 'Hunger Games' And 'Divergent' Theme Parks

All aboard!

We've been hearing whispers about a "Hunger Games" theme park for years now, but now it looks like we can finally know when and where the gamemakers'll be dropping this sponsored gift upon all of us loyal tributes, and surprise! It's not the only YA story that's being reaped for thrill ride adaptation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter "THG" studio Lionsgate has also signed off on its fellow dystopian book-to-screen property "Divergent" becoming part of the package, with a "Hunger Games" and "Divergent"-based park opening near Macau, China in 2018 and the "Hunger Games"-inspired play place hitting Atlanta, Georgia in 2019.

And since we've already discussed what we do *not* want to see come out of Panem, we thought we'd discuss the stuff that has to be initiated into the scene.

A tour of Victor's Village.


Victors Village

We've just gotta see these empty palatial estates for ourselves.

District 12 in its prime.


District 12

OK, OK. So, it's never *really* been a swell place to live, but it'd be cool to take a walking tour through the coal mining district and buy some bread at Mellark's Bakery, right?


Train Jumping Divergent

Become a full-on initiate with some train-jumping action? It's a must.

Simulation time.


Simulation Divergent

Virtual reality can make this happen. The only question is, would you pick the knife or cheese?!

Crossing the high wire.


High Wire Insurgent

Strap us up with a safety line, and we're so in. Also an option? Zip-lining because of course.

Becoming the first jumper.


First Jumper GIF

And at the bottom, we should get to pick our new Dauntless nicknames just like Tris.

A Ferris Wheel "ride."


Ferris Wheel GIF

Make it rusty and stationary and have the kids climb away. It's the dystopian vision of theme parks, naturally.

Target practice.


Divergent Knife Scene

But maybe without real knives and/or people standing in front of the targets.

Faction action.


Amity Faction

We've just gotta see the five HQs -- Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, and Erudite -- for ourselves.

Chasing down burning buildings.


BUilding Chasing SCene Insurgent

This might require a little CGI technique, but it could happen.

A district parade.


District Parade GIF

It wouldn't be as much of a ride as an attraction, but seeing all the tributes tricked out in their parade gear? Absolutely necessary.

Three-fingered salute screen.


Three Fingered Salute Hunger Games

You know how a lot of rides have those rooms where you go to wait so it feels like you're making progress in the line? Well, a screen connection with some of the other districts where we get three-finger-saluted onto our ride would be appropriate.

Jabberjay torture chamber.


Catching Fire Jabberjays

It might be a little dark, but there should be a room which has those tortuous birds filling our ears with terrible noises because that's the story we're dealing with here, right?

A walk through the control center.


Hunger Games control center

This should come equipped with Gamemakers busy creating their terrible muttations and whatever other horrors they've cooked up.

Foxface's puzzle.


Hunger Games puzzle

Must. Play. Now.

The training center.


Hunger Games training center

Hook us up with a bow and let's go!

A train.


Hunger Games train

Both franchises merit a train ride. This one's a no-brainer.

Caesar Flickerman's show.


Caesar show

Again, perhaps not as interactive and ride-y as some of the others, but we'd love to see that blue-haired gent work his stage magic live and in person.

The Capitol.


The Capitol

A journey through the Capitol with all of its future-fashionable citizens would be A+.

Post-tracker jacker sting.


Tracker Jacker Journey

This would be trippy AF and WANT.

The "Catching Fire" arena.


The Arena catching fire

Let's all make our way through the 12-pronged horror show that is the "Catching Fire" arena, and including those tick tock spots we haven't learned about yet would be a nice touch too.

An elevator.


Catching Fire elevator

With Johanna Mason as the escort, of course.

There should be something devoted exclusively to Finnick, too.



Maybe he can teach everyone how to tie ropes and/or spear fish. Or he could just stand there in this little net thing and offer us sugar cubes, and it would be the best thing in the whole place.

District 13.


District 13

Sorta like the "Disaster!" ride at Universal Studios, we'd all have to hunker down and survive the District 13 bomb sesh that the Capitol unleashes in "Mockingjay - Part 1."

Any other ideas? Hit the comments and drop your parachutes of wisdom on us!