WTF Is This Cheesy, Kid-Friendly Version Of ‘Trap Queen?’

'I’m like hey what’s up hello, you look pretty awe-some as you come in the door.'

It’s happened, everyone. “Trap Queen” has been suburbanized, and things will never be the same as they once were.

See, the consequence of having one of the summer’s hottest and buzziest singles is that it immediately becomes privy to a host of parodies, covers, spoofs and the like. And Fetty Wap’s smash ode to hood love, “Trap Queen,” is unfortunately no exception.

Tennessee-born child actor George Dalton most recently appeared as the Camp Firewood DJ in Netflix’s “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.” Now, he’s straight-up torn the internet to shreds by releasing a cheesy, daycare-friendly version of “Trap Queen” that’s *literally* about baking pies. Like, actual pies with fruits and nuts and stuff in them; not Fetty’s kind of pies.

Naturally, Kiddy Wap changes up the lyrics a whole lot: “strip club” becomes “strip mall,” “bando” becomes “condo” and “damn pole” is now “hot stove.” The arrangement of the song is also a lot jazzier, thanks to Dalton’s crew of pint-sized, big band buds. And the vid itself features some surprisingly impressive production value, as the cardigan-wearing 10-year-old looks suave AF in the back of a convertible that’s not moving (remember, these are prepubescent, probably unsupervised kiddos who can't drive and shouldn’t even be using the oven, TBH).

The video was first uploaded in July but resurfaced on Tuesday (Sept. 15) thanks to a (hilarious) tweet from “Guy Code” and “Joking Off” comedian Desus Nice.

Besides the predictable eye-rolling, “WTF?!” reactions to Dalton’s version, a lot of people are, rightfully, raising a few issues with the video and calling it out for cultural appropriation. It’s not hard to miss the fact that the one black kid who appears in the clip sits in the front seat of Dalton’s whip, chauffeuring the all-white passengers around like a G-rated “Driving Miss Daisy.”

And there’s also the issue of the girls in the video slaving away in the kitchen while outfitted in 1950s housewife garb. That kind of toeing-the-line sexism is similar to the backlash Meghan Trainor faced for her “Dear Future Husband” video earlier this year.

Ultimately, though, Dalton appears to just be following his dreams.

And his response to the critics probably looks a little something like this.

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