The Original Avengers Got Matching Tattoos — Well, Almost All Of Them

Find out who opted out of the permanent Avengers ink

After 10 years and 19 films, the future line-up of the Avengers past the untitled fourth film next year is uncertain. But it's safe to say that Avengers 4 will mark the end of an era for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. To celebrate the monumental cinematic achievement, Robert Downey Jr. — the man who kicked things off with Iron Man in 2008 — and the rest of the OG squad (minus Mark Ruffalo) got matching tattoos of the superhero team's iconic logo.

That means that right now RDJ, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Renner are walking around, wherever they are in the world, with identical tattoos. Excuse me, but I'm just feeling a bit emotional right now.

"It was Johansson's idea," Downey Jr. told EW, adding that she and Evans initially got their ink in New York. The Avengers tat was designed by New York tattoo artist Josh Lord, who flew out to Los Angeles to finish the job on RDJ, Renner, and Hemsworth. "We just bullied Hemsworth into doing it," Downey Jr. joked.

The Avengers returned the favor, taking turns to put some fresh ink on Lord. "Each one of us drew a line on the artist with his own tattoo gun, and it was a total massacre," Downey Jr. added. "Each of us contributed to giving the tattoo artist the sixth tattoo that he designed for us."

Ruffalo may have opted out from the tat, but he's still part of the squad. When it comes to the design, the number six can be seen over Avengers logo — honoring the original six-superhero line-up of Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye.

With contracts up after the fourth Avengers film, it's highly unlikely that the Original Six will all survive the carnage of the Infinity War follow-up to avenge another day. Evans has long been rumored to hang up the shield at the end of the saga, leaving the door open for someone new to take up the Captain America mantle.

As for the other OGs, it's hard to say. With so many new faces in the MCU — like Black Panther, Shuri, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange — continuing Iron Man and Thor's solo stories past their trilogies doesn't seem like a priority for Marvel Studios. Meanwhile, Johansson will undoubtedly stick around if Marvel can actually commit to the long-rumored Black Widow solo movie.

But at least our heroes get one last hurrah in Avengers 4. Until then, we'll just have to watch this video of RDJ telling Evans how much he loves him on repeat. Steve and Tony need closure!!!

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