16 Times Norman Reedus Was Comic-Con's Most Lovable Oddball

Weird is the new cool.

We at MTV News come to San Diego Comic-Con for many reasons -- the panels, the cosplay, the late night parties -- but we also, undeniably, come here to bask in the fantastic presence of "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus.

Reedus, as you probably already know, is arguably one of the most generous, fan-happy actors at the Convention, which means a whole lot to people who have spent literal days of their lives waiting in line to meet him. He's also a bit of a weirdo -- and of course, we mean this in the best way possible.

From crazy selfies to even crazier stories, here are 16 times Normie was Comic-Con's most lovable oddball:

When he slept during our entire interview with him...

Hey, Melissa McBride's lap looks like a comfy place to take a nap.

... But then woke up just in time to tell us Glenn dies next season.

Andrew Lincoln's reaction says it all. WTF.

When he spent a lot of his Comic-Con panel looking at his phone with Sonequa Martin-Green.


Comic-Con International 2015 - AMC'

What were you looking at, Norman?!

When he honored a cosplaying fan by taking the most confusing selfie of SDCC.

How do you honor a man who took the time to dress exactly like you, then waited hours in line just for a chance to look at you from rows and rows back? Why, you take a selfie with his projected image on a giant screen, of course, then find a photo of that moment someone else took and post it on your Instagram page.

When he revealed that the secret to playing Daryl Dixon is also playing Candy Crush.


Comic-Con International 2015 - TV Guide Magazine: Fan Favorites

Also at "The Walking Dead" panel, Reedus revealed that the secret to getting into character as Daryl is this: “A lot of Motörhead, a lot of coffee, I play Candy Crush a lot… I’m so into it it’s ridiculous. I spend hundreds of dollars, I don’t give a sh-t.”

When he chose not to have a human face.

Why not?

When he became a human T-shirt cannon.



Again... why not?

When he told Conan his strangest plane story.

Want to escape rabid fans who are filming your every move on a plane? Eat a sandwich alone in the bathroom.

And of course... when he loved his fans so much he just couldn't stop taking pictures of and with them.

And again.




So three cheers for Norman, who also got a sweet pic with Arya Stark, cause why not.

(And Sansa Stark, cause DOUBLE why not.)

(Holy sh-t, and Margaery Tyrell, cause TRIPLE... okay, I'll stop.)

So three cheers for Norman.


Comic-Con International 2015 - TV Guide Magazine: Fan Favorites

Cause he don't give a f--k either way.


Comic-Con International 2015 - TV Guide Magazine: Fan Favorites

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