Big Sean And Eminem Might Have A 'Detroit Vs. Everybody' Sequel Planned

Wait for the sequel!

Eminem and Big Sean’s Michigan connection shined through on "Detroit Vs. Everybody,” a posse cut that showed unity in the D. But that might not be the last you hear from this Motor City duo.

“Its just part one, wait for the sequel,” Sean says during an interview with Revolt. “I said that at the end of the verse. Yeah, I don’t know. Just gotta wait and see. I think this was a great first collaboration between me and Eminem though.”

“Detroit Vs. Everybody” was important because Sean’s been looking forward to a collab with Shady for years.

“Growing up, he was one of the people, obviously, I looked up to, coming from the D,” Sean explains. “He’s somebody who did it big. He has his own version, his own sound of Detroit music. I feel like ‘Detroit Vs. Everybody’ is that. It’s that 8 Mile sound. It’s that sound we get from Eminem from time to time that we all love.”

We know Sean thinks meeting up with Shady is "historical." Remember this throwback Instagram post from April 2013?

More collabs are also sure to follow from Big Sean and Meek Mill. Sean says the two MCs have worked on a new track and video that are set to drop once Meek gets out of jail.

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