How Did 'Teen Mom 2''s Leah Feel About Gracie Being Tested For The MD Gene?

It's unknown if Ali's twin also suffers from muscular dystrophy

Several years ago, Leah and Corey learned that their daughter Ali had a rare genetic form of muscular dystrophy. While the parents have openly chronicled their little girl's frequent doctor visits throughout Teen Mom 2, their longtime physician Dr. Tsao advised at Ali's appointment (during tonight's episode) that Gracie should be tested for the same medical condition affecting her sister.


While Leah was sure that this procedure had already been handled, Dr. Tsao confirmed she required an additional type of blood work. Leah quickly called Corey to give an update on Ali's progress (the seven-year-old was showing more strength since her previous time with Dr. Tsao), and the exes decided that they would get resolution about Gracie sooner rather than later, with Leah deciding she would not "overthink" this suggestion.

But looking back, what was Leah's reaction when she heard about this recommendation for her other twin?

"I felt pretty positive when Dr. Tsao asked about getting Gracie tested for the muscular dystrophy gene," Leah revealed to MTV News. "I felt pretty confident that she didn't have it, so I wasn't too worried about it."

How will Leah and Corey communicate with Gracie about this next step? Be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 to find out how Gracie's parents handle the upcoming procedure.

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