Watch Fall Out Boy Give Fetty Wap's 'Trap Queen' The Rock Star Treatment

The Movie Awards performance was one for the centuries.

Although the guys of Fall Out Boy were suited-up during the Movie Awards red carpet, they shed their spiffy outfits when it came time for their performance during the show. Hell, drummer Andy Hurley shed his shirt altogether!

But that's what rockstars do -- wear leather jackets and jam out while smoke billows around them. FOB played a short -- yet intense -- bit of "Centuries," before moving on to Fetty Wap’s "Trap Queen." And they'd be damned if they didn't give Fetty the rockstar treatment as well.

fall out boy

Like a true badass, the rapper came out of a trap door as the opening beats of "Trap Queen" were laid out, reaching out to fans with outstretched hands as he made his way across the Movie Awards stage. "I'm like 'Hey, wassup, hello,'" he sang, introducing himself to the world for his TV debut. Fetty, whom MTV News talked to just a day earlier, said that he never would've believed he would be performing at an awards show.

“If you would’ve told me I was performing at any award shows a year or six months ago, I would’ve laughed at them,” he said. “I would’ve said, ‘Thank you for believing in me.’ I wouldn’t have believed it, though.”

Pete Wentz followed Fetty to the side stage with his bass, while Joe Trohman busted out a killer guitar solo. Like I said, rockstars.

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