Anna Kendrick Is An IRL Disney Princess, And The Golden Globes Proved It

Her dreams are a wish our heart makes.

Check it. So, every time Anna Kendrick shows up to the Golden Globes she's pretty much a dead ringer for an IRL Disney princess.

Exhibit A: Her look at tonight's event, which she hit in support of "Into the Woods," a movie in which she actually played Cinderella.

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Anna Kendrick 2015 Golden Globes

There was also 2010's show, when she was a nominee for "Up in the Air." Put a crown on it already, yeesh.

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67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

She's practically got a wicked stepmother and pumpkin carriage in the backdrop. But AK47's IRL princessness is about so much more than the way she cleans up nice, oh yes.

1. She's a born dreamchaser.

There's also the fact that, like any good Disney princess, she has had to go the extra mile to get her start. As a young ingenue she made the long trek from Maine down to NYC many, many times, and it paid off. She was nominated for a Tony Award as a freaking pre-teen.

Seriously. Look at that presh face.

2. She's a natural hitmaker

So, it was totally written in stone from the start that she'd be endlessly infecting our eardrums with her ultracontagious tune one day. (That's "Cups," not that you could ever, ever forget.)

But as with all members of fictional royalty, karma has a way of playing games with you from time to time.

And she of course had no idea what in the world was happening to her.

3. She knows how to turn boredom into productivity.

Like Cinderella, Anna Kendrick doesn't waste her downtime, even if it involves a goldfish in place of various woodland creatures.

4. She's got a sassy sidekick

There is no sharper tongue in Hollywood than the girl who played Grumpy Cat herself, Aubrey Plaza. And they have a special relationship indeed.

She's definitely the kinda BFF who'd have your back if and when Prince Charming turns out to be anything but. Anna & Aubrey 4 ever. (Yeah, we're jeally.)

5. She's totally an animal lover.

Of course she is. That's important.

6. She's legit residing in Disney World.

Like any good princess, AK keeps tabs on others in the neighborhood.

And she's ready to update the landscape at the House of Mouse a bit, for that matter.


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