There's A Dating Site For People Who Like Beards And We're Gonna Be On That Ish All Weekend

Big, beautiful and bristly.

Are you looking for the lumbersexual of your dreams? Well, you're in luck -- there exists an entire dating site for people who have/are into beards. Get ready to feel the (beard) burn.

Bristlr (because all startups must eschew random vowels) launched in the fall and is now practically bristling with follicle-replete fellows. After signing up for the service, you can check out a bevy of beards, and if you and a furred one happen to like each other, you can exchange messages -- a correspondence that will presumably lead to dating, love, marriage and munchkins with a propensity for massive mustaches. It's as simple as that.

Sure, Bristlr is kind of a niche market, but the site did recently introduce and tease some features that OKCupid, Tinder and the rest should embrace posthaste.


First off, the service informs you if you're being spammed. If you've ever used an online dating site (a.k.a. if you are a single person), you'll have noticed that some users are prone to carpet-bombing: i.e., they'll compose a general kind of message and fire it off to as many ladies/dudes as possible. I, myself, have even received the same exact message from the same exact dude several months after first receipt. And, trust me, I didn't not-respond any less the second time around.

Well, Bristlr is primed to call out the lazybones -- the site now informs you if your possible paramour has sent the same message to anyone else, as well as how many anyone elses they sent it to.

Plus! Founder John Kershaw is currently working on a feature that will allow users to rate any messages that they receive, making it easier to separate the faint-worthy facial-haired from the Bye Felipes.

Now, it seems, the only unexpected bumps in the dating road will be in the form of soul patches. Because no one likes those.

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