The Jonas Brothers Totally Fell Under This 10-Year-Old Magician's Spell

Joe, Kevin, and Nick helped pull off some very cool tricks

The Jonas Brothers just had their minds collectively blown by a 10-year-old magician.

The trio stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a quick blast of magical fun as they met the adorably precocious magician Aidan McCann.

McCann took the trio on a spellbinding journey through some of his coolest magic tricks, allowing the brothers to take part in some pretty fantastic illusions. The Irish youth had the JoBros playing about with card tricks and crazy accurate birthday guesses, as you can see in the clip below.

Introducing the fun new series of clips, McCann had a few jokes to kick things off.

"Now that I've met Ellen, I thought I would take advantage of her impressive group of friends," he said of his time hanging with the JoBros. The bespectacled trickster impressed Nick with the secret behind some of his more involved tricks: "Magic!" Duh, Nick. Come on. You even have a song called "Magic," so you should know what's up.

The trio were similarly impressed each time McCann whipped up something new, ultimately culminating in one seriously sweet magical showcase that proved the young illusionist truly knew his stuff. Honestly, there was a whole opportunity for Ellen, who brought everyone together, to make for a whole series based off of this concept. Four episodes just doesn't seem enough with the amount of potential here.

Like what you see? It's all part of a four-part digital series starring McCann as well as additional celebrities, which will be rolling out to YouTube in the coming days.

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