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Watch Meghan Trainor Fall Down — And Stay Down — On Stage

Her heel betrayed her

Not even celebrities are immune to high-heel struggles. Meghan Trainor learned this lesson the hard way Thursday night when she closed her Tonight Show performance with an impressive wipeout.

The Grammy winner sang, danced, and strutted across the stage for her performance of "Me Too," but lost her high-heel battle at the very last second. If you look closely, you can see her heel wobble, baby, wobble until it gives out.

"I'm feeling it today. I'm feeling little bruises everywhere," Trainor said on Good Morning America the next day. "I actually got up and was like, let me do it again. And I did it again, but I looked at it and that was the better performance. I was like, ah, just keep it."

Once she fell, she stayed down, and Jimmy Fallon joined her on the floor. I feel ya, Meghan. Sometimes it's just easier to succumb to the high-heel gods. Watch it all LITERALLY go down in the full video, below.