Know Your Gladers From Your Squibs With Our Glossary Of YA Movie Slang

Read this glossary, you shucking shuck-head.

art by Nick DeSantis

Many of the young adult movies we've grown to love in recent years take place in futuristic, dystopian universes, so it's only logical for these films (and of course, the novels that inspired them) to develop their own slang terms to differentiate their worlds from our own.

Only problem is, many of us -- especially those of us who have not read the books that inspired these films -- have no idea what these characters are talking about when they're throwing around terms like "klunk," "squib," and "reaping" like they're "and" or "the."

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That's where this handy-dandy glossary comes in. Using terms from "The Hunger Games," "Divergent," "Harry Potter," "The Giver," and "The Maze Runner" -- the last being the "worst" offender in terms of made-up slang -- we've created a simple guide to all of your YA movie needs, so next time someone calls you a muggle you'll know right then that you should slap them in the face. (Just kidding, violence is bad.)

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