Sorry, Internet, But Ezra Miller Is Actually Perfect For The Flash

In defense of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen.

Since it was announced that Ezra Miller would be portraying Barry Allen in a solo "Flash" movie, the internet has been divided. One one hand, it's exciting that DC Comics and Warner Bros. are finally giving the scarlet speedster his own film. But not every fan has been keen on the casting of the 23-year-old as Barry Allen -- we're looking at you, Stephen Amell -- especially with charmer Grant Gustin lighting up the silver screen as the speedster in the CW's critically acclaimed "Flash" TV series.

But this is the Speed Force we're talking about. If any superhero property is ripe for both a small screen and big screen adaptation, it's The Flash.

"Come on, we're The Flash, it's parallel universes. Grant Gustin is The Flash and I'm The Flash. Don't you see?" Miller told MTV News back in July. "It's the event horizon. We've crossed it, baby! Grant and I are chilling. We're going to have a race, it will be dope. Like Jay Garrick and Barry Allen back in the day." (Points for the comic book reference, Miller.)

Miller's polarizing casting is yet another piece of Warner Bros. and DC Comics' ever-growing Justice League puzzle. He'll most likely join Henry Cavill (Superman), Ben Affleck (Batman), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman) on the big screen in 2017 for "The Justice League: Part One." While Miller may seem like a newcomer to some, but the 23-year-old has a lot of impressive credits on his resume.

The young actor impressed both critics and audiences with his disturbing turn in the 2011 thriller "We Need To Talk About Kevin," and in 2012 Miller showed his eccentric side as gay teen Patrick in the "Perks of Being a Wallflower" adaptation. Most recently, he debuted his comedic chops in Amy Schumer's "Trainwreck," stealing the movie with one very awkward -- and very illegal -- sex scene.

He's talented, for sure. But most importantly, he's funny -- oddly charming, even! (Very oddly charming.) Barry Allen is one of DC Comics' most optimistic, hardworking heroes. He's a bit quirkier than most, and Miller is undoubtedly the best man for the job. Here's why:

His humor.

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OK, so Miller has an off-beat, quirky sense of humor, but you know what? So does Barry Allen. He's awkward -- and that's perfect! Miller's a bit of an outsider that way, just like his speedy onscreen counterpart. If "The Flash" wants to succeed, they need to play into Miller's inherent humor and charisma. It's his most endearing quality. When Chris Miller and Phil Lord ("The LEGO Movie") were hired to write the treatment for the film, it looked like Warner Bros. and DC Comics were headed in that direction. Here's hoping the film has the same humor and heart that has made the TV show such a success.

He loves the comics.

Ezra Miller

His new role has provided him with an excellent opportunity to indulge in his nerdy side. "I've been a comic guy but I'm going in as hard as possible because I have a serious excuse to," he told MTV. "I have the ultimate license to geek out so hard all the time!"

One, that sounds like our dream life. And two, it proves that Miller is doing his homework, and that's a very good thing. He knows the source material, and most importantly, what that means for tone and characterization. Plus, he totally understands physics. That has to count for something! That's some complicated s--t.

He's unconventional.

Ezra Miller

Miller doesn't look like any of the big screen superheroes of today. He's not beefy like Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans. Nor is he handsome everyman like Mark Ruffalo. He's lanky. He's kinda scrawny. He's androgynous. He self-identifies as queer. He's happily different than the norm, and honestly, we are so here for that.