Justin Bieber Previews A TON Of New Music: Listen Now

Bieber finally shares the fruits of his labor with 11 previews.

From the sounds of it, Justin Bieber isn't quite done writing his Journals.

Bieber's already showed us that he's been hard at work with the likes of Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Ariana Grande but it wasn't until Wednesday (July 23) that we got to hear some of what he's cooking up. That's when he took to Instagram to share a ton of snippets -- 11 videos in total -- of never before heard songs.

And like his previous album included the self-assured "Confident" and the slow and remorseful "Heartbreaker," the tracks JB previewed run the emotional gamut.

This collection varies from a sweet, honeymoon-phase track about a girl whose eyes "make me speechless," a party anthem about "living in the moment" and a slow jam about trying to move on from a broken relationship. Oh and then there's a slightly reggae-tinged one thrown in there, because apparently that's a thing now.

Also sticking out was Bieber's use of a four-letter word in a rather overt sex jam -- which we aren't used to hearing in his songs. To hear all the snippets, head over to Bieber's Instagram page.