Who’s This Hunk Britney Spears Has ‘Mad Love’ For?

Must be someone pretty special

Britney Spears wants to introduce you to someone. At least, that's what we have to gather from this tweet she posted Friday (January 13). The caption tells you everything you need to know, really: "Mad love for this one."

That "one" is Sam Asghari. You probably recognize him as the super-hot dude from her "Slumber Party" video with Tinashe. Remember when Brit crawled all over a table and made prolonged eye contact with a guy in a suit? Yep, that was Sam.



Anyway, Brit's been spending an awful lot of time with Asghari lately. She's been in his Instagram story and they even rang in 2017 together. No wonder everyone seems to think they're dating.

They haven't publicly announced their relationship — yet!! — but clearly something's going on here. You don't just tweet out photos of a random hunk for no reason. You only do that when you're having a slumber party in real life.

Whatever's going on, if it encourages Britney to use Snapchat Lenses more often, we're here for it.