These Ladies Would Be Pitch Perfect As Elizabeth Banks' Charlie's Angels

With a reboot rumored in the works, Banks should mine her social circle for the perfect cast.

Much as we love a good all-girl reboot of a traditionally dudely movie (looking at you, lady Ghostbusters!), it's worth remembering that there's already a classic action franchise out there that requires no such genderflipping: The butt-kicking trio of crimefighting women known as "Charlie's Angels."

And since we haven't seen the Angels on the big screen since way back in the year 2003, the franchise is ripe for a reboot... which brings us to the incredibly juicy rumor that Elizabeth Banks is maybe, possibly planning to direct one.

[Insert 5-minute pause here to squeal with delight. Ebanks! YASS! KWEEN!]

That news comes via Deadline, which reports that a "Charlie's Angels" reboot is just one of the projects Banks is circling after her directorial debut, "Pitch Perfect 2," was a huge hit at the box office this summer.

The obvious next question is: Who could she cast as her three leading ladies?

The equally-obvious answer is: Her favorite famous friends, of course. Here's who we fully expect to see stepping into the Angels' shoes if and when this movie gets made.

Anna Kendrick


We know that Anna and Elizabeth loved working together on the "Pitch Perfect" movies, and any "Charlie's Angels" movie needs a straight-talking brunette to round out its cast.

Rebel Wilson

Getty Images

Rebel Wilson

Obvious pick #2 for the cast: "Pitch Perfect" alum Rebel Wilson, who not only would bring some super sass to this reboot, but who also is clearly at home with angel-related accessories already.

Jennifer Lawrence



J-Law doesn't exactly need to step into an ensemble cast these days; she's such a big deal that she can greenlight a movie all on her own. But! She'd totally do it for the chance to work with Banks, who's an IRL bestie.