Cardi B's Carpool Karaoke Ends In The Most Unexpected Place Possible

Oh, and she drives in this one

You know, there really haven't been that many Carpool Karaoke segments this year. Eight, if you count Michael Bublé's special, and some of those were true biggies. Paul McCartney did it. Barbra Streissand, too. And more recently, Ariana Grande sacrificed a hand for it, while Migos became memes.

Of course, leave it to Cardi B to make the entire enterprise feel brand new again. The rap queen's episode aired on Monday night (December 17), and in the first 30 seconds, Cardi found out, to her delight, that you can say "bitch" on TV and used a water bottle as a microphone prop. And then she rapped out the window to passersby.

All 14 minutes here are fun as hell, thanks to Cardi's spontaneous energy. But she also addresses up front a crucial key to her entire story, something she'd tell DJs who wouldn't put her on: "I'm funny, so people just be thinking that everything is a joke, like hehehe. Yeah, but I'm not laughing today. I want you to take this serious." She says this, naturally, in a multitude of colorful voices and tones.

Beyond this quick declaration, the segment takes Cardi and host James Corden to a driving course where he gives her a quick tutorial in a Range Rover on CBS's dime (nice) as well as the Culver City Senior Center, so Cardi can lend her energy and her song "I Like It" to a mind/body dance class. It's a beautiful moment! One older genlteman even asks her if she's single.

Experience all the joy of Cardi B's Carpool Karaoke — probably the first one where the guest gets to drive, right? — in the video above.