One Direction Announced Their 'Made In The A.M.' Tracklist, And We're Kind Of Freaking Out

Start making your pre-playlists now.

One Direction's Made In The A.M. release is only five weeks away, so you think we'd have something to show for it! You know, besides the album artwork and the first single and the second

single and -- OK, they've actually given us a lot.

And now, 1D has even given us the tracklist, or a portion of it, anyway. Or wait, maybe the whole thing? Gosh, what's going on here, dudes?

On Saturday, the band's Snapchat channel featured mini videos of Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall revealing some of the song titles in some goofy ways. Like this.

"Hey Angel"


"If I Could Fly


"Walking In The Wind"

"Never Enough"

"Love You, Goodbye"

And on Sunday (Oct. 10), more came via an onslaught of wild filters and outrageous announcements.

"Long Way Down"

"What A Feeling"


"I Wanna Write You A Song"

"Temporary Fix"


So, that leaves us with a final tracklist projection -- as a number of outlets are reporting -- that looks like this (with songs 14-17 being potentially bonus tracks):

1. "Hey Angel"

2. "Drag Me Down"

3. "Perfect"

4. "Infinity"

5. "End Of The Day"

6. "If I Could Fly"

7. "Long Way Down"

8. "Never Enough"

9. "Olivia"

10. "What A Feeling"

11. "Love You, Goodbye"

12. "I Want To Write You A Song"

13. "History"

14. "Temporary Fix"

15. "Walking In The Wind"

16. "Wolves"

17. "A.M."

made in the a.m.

November 13 can't come soon enough.

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