Lollypalooza: Lollipop In The Eye Stops Bowie Show

Freak candy-tossing incident interrupts concert in Oslo, Norway.

Musicians are used to being pelted with roses and underwear as signs of appreciation, and bottles and cans when they're not quite so loved. But it was an errant lollipop that caused David Bowie to stop performing during a concert in Oslo, Norway, on Friday -- because it got stuck in his eye.

Bowie winced in agony when, about 20 minutes into his set at the Norwegian Wood Festival, the stick of a lollipop that had been thrown at the stage somehow became wedged between his left eyeball and his eyelid. It's the same eye that caused Bowie trouble in the past, when, as a kid, he got in a now-legendary fight with schoolmate George Underwood that left his left eye permanently dilated -- causing many to think that his eyes are two different colors.

Bowie stopped the show and shouted, "You f---ing wanker! You little f---er!," as the crowd booed, according to the Norwegian press.

A panicked member of his entourage rushed onstage and helped him remove the lollipop, after which Bowie continued the show. His camp later downplayed the incident on his official Web site, where it was noted Bowie then threw a guitar pick in the crowd and joked that he'd better hide because it might have gotten stuck in someone's eye. As for any yelling, the posting called it "understandable initial anger."

An unnamed woman in her 30s later admitted to reporters on the scene that her sweet was the culprit -- not because she threw it, as many thought at the time, but because she was pushed, she said, and it flew from her hand while she was dancing.

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