Natalie Portman Channels Her Inner Cardi B *And* Eleven From 'Stranger Things' On 'SNL'


Natalie Portman's latest showing on Saturday Night Live was A WHOLE LOT.

Like one of Stefon's favorite night clubs, this episode had everything: Her reprisal as Jackie Kennedy, her Eleven impression from Stranger Things, the return of her Queen Amidala costume from Star Wars, and a few bars that borrowed from Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" in one of the most WTF rap moments we've seen on the show — all of it was nuts, but her "mommy moves" may take the cake as a the standout moment of the episode.

The last time Portman was on the show was 2006, she gave that bleep button a run for its money with her first SNL rap. The follow-up was just as intense, picking up the "Bodak Yellow" rhyme scheme while shouting out Time's Up and striking fear in the hearts of anyone who questions the artistic integrity of Star Wars' Episodes 1-3.

As for her turn as Eleven, Portman was the spitting image of Millie Bobby Brown in a sketch that imagines what the third season of Stranger Things holds in store. Seeing as Portman could totally pass as Brown's big sister and also nails that look of intense concentration while moving stuff with her mind, this was a perfect choice.

Hey, Netflix — maybe work Portman into your Season 3 plans? Pretty please?

All in all, this was a killer episode, even if we never, ever need to hear Portman brag about putting a "dildo on a switchblade" ever again.