All The Times MTV Made Us Cry Like A Baby In 2014

Grab your tissues...again.

How to make yourself cry:

1) Enlist the help of methylated chapstick

2) Pluck out a nose hair

3) Watch MTV

This year, the network proved that what goes up (both "Are You the One?" seasons won big money, "Fantasy "Factory" is making its triumphant return), must come down, and more often than not, we were forced to couple screenings of our favorite shows with Puffs aplenty. Between tragedy on "Teen Wolf" and a fractured friendship on "Faking It," our tear ducts were definitely tested in 2014. Look back at the most cry face-inducing moments the past 12 months have offered, and keep up with MTV News for more Best of 2014 collections!

Allison Argent dies, "Teen Wolf"

The archer, who successfully defeated a seemingly indestructible Oni while at war with the dreaded Nogitsune, was nevertheless a casualty of a particularly violent battle with the Japanese spirit. When she died in the arms of Scott McCcall, her very first love, we completely lost it.

Ali's fit for a wheelchair, "Teen Mom 2"

A child's first steps make any parent teary, but when Leah saw her little girl Ali, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, smile and laugh while getting the hang of her specialty wheelchair, there was a pride all the same.

Crash shoots Max, "Finding Carter"

They're hardly attached at the hip, but when Crash pulled a gun on Max at the convenience store, we were totally shocked. Crash insisted he didn't mean to shoot Max, who wound up in a pool of his own blood, but the defense did little to stop us from soaking all nearby tissues.

Karma swears off Amy, "Faking It"

Whether as friends or lovers, Karmy have vowed to remain soul mates until their dying days. But destiny seemed to unwrite itself this season on "Faking It," when Karma found out Amy and her boyfriend Liam slept together. Consequently, Karma swore off the two people closest to her and forced us to insist that, yes, we'd just been cutting onions in the kitchen.

Jay's mom dies, "Real World: Ex-Plosion"

Show production dealt the 29th season's cast the prank of a lifetime when the housemates' ex-lovers were all invited to move to San Francisco during filming, but a second, unplanned shock came in the form of a phone call to Jay, who was told that his terminally ill mother died after being rushed to the hospital. Jay's disbelief was palpable, and we're glad that he -- though far away from home -- had a temporary family in which he found some comfort.

Roger and Jenni become parents, "Snooki & JWOWW"

Jenni's pregnancy was no walk in the park, but every labor pain and bout of nausea seemed worth it when she and her longtime love Roger finally met their little girl Meilani. Roger, a typical Mr. Tough Guy, was reduced to tears at the sight of his little baby girl, and he wasn't the only one.

Solana lets Elijah go, "Catfish"

"Catfish" has reeled in very few truth-tellers over the years, but Elijah, a punk-ish skateboarder from Minnesota, is among them. Solana, who'd met her online crush on MySpace years before seeking Nev's and Max's help, was thrilled when the object of her virtual affection turned out to be everything she hoped he would be. The one problem? A man back home still had Solana's heart, and after a night of soul-searching, Solana explained she chose to stay with Danny through a raw, beautiful journal entry. In the process, she broke Elijah's heart -- and ours too.

Devyn proves her doubters wrong, "The Challenge: Free Agents"

Olympic gladiators Johnny Bananas and Laurel came out of "Free Agents" with a pair of gold medals, but the game's MVP honor belonged around someone else's neck. Devyn, who expected to take one of the competition's early flights home, miraculously found herself in the finals after weeks of game play. And though the ultimate test was more than she thought she could endure, she -- step by step -- completed each of its grating legs, and her resolve left host TJ Lavin totally awestruck.

Matty comes apart at the seams, "Awkward"

Matty's typically the type to bring a crowd to its feet once he gets his hands on a microphone, but during Season 4 of "Awkward," he brought Palos Hills High School students to their knees instead. After discovering he was adopted, and that his parents had hidden the life-changing detail, Matty completely fell apart, and the pain in his eyes as he delivered his depressing comedy set gave our tear ducts a real workout.