Lauren Conrad's Love Triangle, Lady Gaga's 'Hills' Past And More On 'The Hills: Revealed'

'The Hills: Revealed' takes a look at some of the biggest moments in the show's history.

Do you think you know everything about "The Hills"? Have you been following the lives of Lauren Conrad and her gang since her days on "Laguna Beach?" Well, on MTV's "The Hills: Revealed," fans get the behind-the-scenes stories behind some of the show's greatest moments. And, if you think you know, the show proved that you really have no idea.

Long before Lauren Conrad lived in "The Hills," she was high school girl caught up in a love triangle with Laguna Beach High's Stephen Colletti and future "Hills" star Kristin Cavallari. But, it seemed that securing the elusive Colletti wasn't as easy as "Laguna Beach" producers hoped that it would be.

Colletti didn't want to be on the show, and despite LC admitting that she liked him on her audition tape, it took some convincing to get Colletti to agree. Eventually he did, but there was a third puzzle piece missing: "We literally could not find Kristin," MTV executive Liz Gatelely said. "We didn't have any tape on her, didn't have any pictures -- our entire production was waiting on this girl."

Once "Laguna" producers found Cavallari, they had a show and everyone couldn't get enough of LC. So, eventually "LB" came to an end and she moved to "The Hills," where fans got the chance to meet Lady Gaga long before she was the superstar that she is now. At a 2008 fashion show, LC and her pal Whitney Port had to help style Gaga for a performance at the show. Gaga's catsuit zipper broke, LC managed to save the day and from there a star was born.

Speaking of stars being born, while Justin Bobby (whose last name happens to be Brescia) didn't show up on the show until season 3, he had been in Audrina Patridge's life for quite a while longer. They had met when Audrina was working at Quixote Studios and he was there, working on a shoot as a hair stylist. They dated on and off for some time, and while it was difficult for Audrina to get him to commit, it was more difficult for "Hills" producers to get him to agree to be on the show.

So by the time he and Audrina decided to give their relationship another try, he had to agree to be on the show. "Third season comes around and he's back in my life," Audrina recalled. "So I'm like, 'Well if you want to hang out with me you have to be on camera.'" He finally agreed, Lo Bosworth christened him Justin Bobby and the rest is reality-TV relationship history.

Fans couldn't get enough of Speidi, so when [article id="1612953"]Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt decided to get married[/article] in April 2009, producers had to make sure that everything, including cameos by LC and Kristin, went just right. As if keeping the two girls away from each other wasn't difficult enough, power issues in the church meant that they would have to work hours longer.

Once they got the power restored, LC was able to reunite with Heidi one last time, Kristin was able to surprise everyone by strutting into the church, Speidi could finally get married -- not to mention that LC could drive off into the sunset.

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