Still Confused About Feminism After Emma Watson's Speech? This Video Will Clear Things Up

Watch the 'Girl Code' cast break down feminist stereotypes.

Feminism remains a hot-button issue in today's world. It's a big deal if someone says they are one, a big deal if someone says they aren't one and a big deal if you change your mind and say you thought you weren't one, but realized you really are. (Oh, and, yes, it's also a big deal if you flash the word in ginormous letters above your ahh-mazing VMA performance.)

Spoiler alert: According to the cast of MTV's "Girl Code," you most likely are a feminist, even if you've never really thought it through.

"You're probably already a feminist unless you're like, 'I just don't think women should be able to vote,'" says cast member Alice Wetterlund in the clip below. Watch her and other "Girl Code" comedians shatter stereotypes of feminists (yes, you can still wear a bra and shave your armpits if you feel like it) and explain their philosophies and views.

"Girl Code" returns to MTV October 1 at 11 p.m.

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