J.K. Rowling Silencios 'Harry Potter' Doubters With Just One Word

So simple, really.

J.K. Rowling has been doing us a solid lately and hitting Twitter hard. And as we've already proven, this is excellent for all parties involved because our dearest JoRow is a legit Twitter wizard. So we all win.

And the prize is a specialis revelio charm-ish sneak peek at the recipe for her awesomesauce -- or awesomepotion, as the case may be.

But dare to so much as side eye the "Harry Potter" queen's authority on matters of witchcraft and wizardry, and ye will be PUNISHED by the Ministry most haste!

OK, not really, but a few tweeters have been gracefully handed their rears when challenging her perfection here lately. And the results have been simply amazing.

Exhibit A: This girl, who inspired a brilliant one-word answer to end all doubts, curiosities, quibbles forever. Pretty much any question that may have even sorta lingered on about the hows and whys of our "Harry Potter" heroes is handled now.


Harry Potter Brilliant GIF

Pack it up, muggles. Show's officially over.