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Zayn Malik’s Mean Tweet To Louis Tomlinson Has Left Directioners' Hearts Shattered Forever

It was 'truly unacceptable.'

"Devastated," "betrayed" and "a bit confused" might be the best words to describe what Directioners are feeling at the moment.

Earlier today (May 6), Zayn Malik retweeted collaborator Naughty Boy's filtered photo of the two of them, which prompted Louis to respond with this:

Zayn wasn't having it and fired back saying that his former bandmate should stop making "bitchy comments" about his life, which left the entire 1D fandom asking the question: "What just happened?"

One Direction fans all over the world quickly took to Twitter to share their emotions, defend Louis and trend #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN.

Here's what they had to say.

Understandably, some fans were completely heartbroken.

Many can't believe that Zayn would just throw away five years of friendship.

Like really can't believe it.

Others tried to find the humor in it.

What the fans really need is a little pick-me-up.

But for now, let's remember the happier times.