'Teen Mom OG' Trust: Why Maci Confided In Amber And Catelynn About Ryan's Issues

The mother of three elaborates on the 'sisterhood' she has with her cast members

Maci recently revealed on Teen Mom OG that she received some troubling information about Ryan but declined to go into specifics about the "scary stuff" she had just learned. However, the mother of three could not contain her fears regarding her ex during tonight's installment -- and she opened up to Amber and Catelynn while the three were on a getaway in Puerto Rico.

"Honestly, the hardest thing for me is to see Ryan not love himself because he is a person worth loving," a teary Maci told the girls, after Amber identified with Ryan's struggles because she "knows where he's at."


Maci recently spoke with MTV News about this painful subject -- and revealed why she chose to divulge this sensitive topic with her fellow moms.

"I don't really have anyone at home that I can share things with because they wouldn't really understand," Maci stated. "I know Amber and Catelynn have experience with both sides of the ballgame when it comes to the issues we're having. It was nice to have someone who could be there for me, give me advice and understand without judgement. I think of them as sisters. Once we started talking, I was like 'Holy s**t, I've been holding all of this in for so long.' I was like, 'Sorry guys, it's all coming out.'"

She continued: "We get each other. We've got a sisterhood going on. We trust each other with everything and anything. We know what it's like to be in our position and going through certain things. It's nice to have each other."

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