Avril Lavigne Says 'Wish You Were Here' Single 'Feels Right'

Song about missing someone 'represents the album' well, singer says.

Avril Lavigne lets her guard down on her [article id="1659477"]Goodbye Lullaby single "Wish You Were Here."[/article] The poignant track is about pining away for that one person you let slip away. The emotional pull of the track, produced by Max Martin and Shellback, is the perfect tune for anyone who's not able to be with the ones they love this holiday season.

"I'm excited about 'Wish You Were Here' being the single because it's a ballad and the song kind of represents the album definitely more so than the first single," she told MTV News about the song, which she performed during the [article id="1674925"]Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade[/article] last week. "That was kind of more my older stuff and more pop rock and aggressive and a lighter subject. Goodbye Lullaby, for me, was a record that I was writing for myself."

"Wish You Were Here" and its simple, Dave Meyers-directed video really sum up the album for Lavigne. "It was more raw and stripped-down and more emotional and I wasn't holding back," she said of working on the album. "[It's] sort of more song driven and the production was mainly just like a lot of acoustic guitars and loops and just all about the vocal; the vocal being clear and having an honest emotion to it. And saying that, yeah, the first two singles [[article id="1656250"]'What the Hell'[/article] and 'Smile'] were more pop rock, and so now finally with this one, 'Wish You Were Here,' being released, it feels right."

The song comes from a place deep inside and is very much about someone in Lavigne's life. "I love this song. I like this song because I wrote it about missing somebody and that's something that we all go through at some point in our lives," she explained. "It's just about looking back and remembering all those good times you shared with somebody, all the crazy moments. And that's life. We all experience that at some point, but it has a positive message."