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Eminem's Comic-Book Collection Is 'Otherworldly,' Shady Exec Says

He even has ultra-rare 'Amazing Fantasy' #15!

It's no secret that many rappers are huge comic-book fans: For example, Ghost Rider and Iron Man are aliases of comic-book characters Johnny Blaze and Tony Stark respectively, but they're also aliases of [artist id="1025"]Wu-Tang Clan[/artist]'s [artist id="933"]Method Man[/artist] and [artist id="1215"]Ghostface[/artist] as well. Meth adopted Johnny Blaze out of his love for the badass with a flaming skull, mystical chain and penchant for vengeance, and Ghostface actually named his first album Ironman, and appeared in the first "Iron Man" movie.

That's why Shady Records exec Riggs Morales jumped at the idea to become an associate producer for the "Marvelous Color" exhibit in New York, which runs through February 26 of next year. The exhibit, which is curated by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, highlights the six major black characters in the Marvel Comics Universe: Storm, Black Panther, Blade, the Falcon and War Machine. Morales said he's been looking for a way to bring the two worlds together, and felt this exhibit was perfect.

"If you asked Method Man, Just Blaze, DMC, Chuck D, their music was inspired by the comic book world, and specifically the Marvel characters," he said.

"I've gotten a small glimpse of [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist]'s collection, and Eminem's collection is otherworldly," he continued. "[He has items that] aren't even on display at the stores."

Morales said that the rarest comic he's seen was Mr. Mathers' "Amazing Fantasy" #15, marking Peter Parker and Spider-Man's first appearance.

"As a collector, you grew up and it's a myth! You can't afford it. The only way that you can try to touch that comic is if it's right in front of you, or you're purchasing it. To see it in your face -- it's in 'Pulp Fiction' when John Travolta opened up the briefcase [with awe, regarding a never-revealed object]. It's like that."

He said there's no limit to what a good collection. Some people are interested in Chris Claremont's run on the X-Men which included the "Phoenix Saga" and "God Loves, Man Kills" story arcs, which were the basis of the second X-Men movie, X2: X-Men United. Others may only want to collect comics from Image Comics' run in the '90s, including "WildC.A.T.S," "Gen 13" and "Youngblood."

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