Ranking Grant Gustin's Chemistry With Everybody On 'The Flash'

Grant Gustin Chemistry Syndrome. Google it. It's on WebMD.

From the moment he appeared in that "Arrow" two-partner back in 2013, it was pretty clear that Grant Gustin was something special. And now that "The Flash" is killing it in its second season, it's officially official: Grant Gustin Chemistry Syndrome is real, and it affects each and every person, place and thing he interacts with on the show, from Iris West to a coffee cup he's holding at CC Jitters.

So in celebration of Gustin's absurd natural magnetism, we've gone ahead and ranked his chemistry with the members of Team Flash -- with some "Arrow" folks thrown in for good measure, since the Flarrow love is strong over here at MTV News:

Eddie Thawne


Sorry, Eddie -- I hate speaking "ill" of the dead, but your chemistry with Barry was lacking. For important plot reasons, obviously, but still. Someone had to come in last.

Linda Park


Gustin is great with everybody, but when he dated Linda, Barry Allen was way too focused on other things -- like superpowers, and Iris West -- to make his interactions with her seem genuine.

Ronnie Raymond


Much like with Eddie, Ronnie had so little to do with Barry on a personal level that it didn't make much sense for them to have particularly electric interactions, even if he was one-half of Firestorm.

Dr. Martin Stein


Martin isn't exactly a warm and fuzzy guy at this point, as much of his screen time has been devoted to figuring out his newfound powers and/or adjusting to life without Ronnie. Basically, he's low by default, since he doesn't have a whole lot of emotional scenes with Barry.

Dr. Henry Allen


Maybe this father-son duo would be higher on this list if his dad hadn't mysteriously split as soon as he was released from prison. THAT WAS WEIRD.

Caitlin Snow


Caitlin would have been higher up on this list during Season 1, when scenes like SnowBarry's karaoke power hour revealed just how great the two of them are as friends. However, Season 2 has largely sidelined Caitlin while characters like Patty and Cisco shine.

Cisco Ramon


Everybody likes Cisco, even when they don't understand what he's talking about. Barry seems to love him like a brother, and their friendship gives us the warm and fuzzies.

Oliver Queen


The bromance is so strong with these two, it's a shame they're not together more. The whole "Flash" squad (especially Cisco) brings out a lighter side of Oliver, and it's a blast watching Barry fanboy over his super-handsome, super-rich (sometimes), and super-cool superhero big brother.

Harrison Wells


Season 2 Harrison is a closed-off stranger who, much like the contestants on "The Bachelor," isn't here to make friends. But Tom Cavanagh and Gustin were great together in Season 1, when building up their relationship was a focal point of the series -- after all, we had to believe that Barry would be willing to place his complete trust in the guy. And we also had to feel how bad Barry was hurting once he learned that Harrison killed his mother, which we did. Ouch.

Iris West


It's very clear that Barry and Iris are two people who have a long history together and totally love each other. Sparks don't seem to fly when they're together like they do with other characters further up this list, but that's why it's smart that the show has been pursuing other love interests for the both of them to test the waters.

Felicity Smoak


Emily Bett Rickards also has Grant Gustin Chemistry Syndrome, so it's only natural that every interaction she has with him on those "Flarrow" crossovers is electric. Even if they don't end up together (and duh, Olicity is canon now so they won't), it's great to watch them work together as insanely charismatic and likable friends.

Joe West


Yes, yes -- I know I'm supposed to ship a different WestAllen, and in a way I do, but Gustin and Jesse L. Martin, who is a damn national treasure, have some of the meatiest scenes on this show together. They sell their beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking father/son relationship every second their onscreen together, and "The Flash" would suffer without it. WestAllen forever.

Patty Spivot


No contest. From the second Shantel VanSanten's plucky cop arrived in Central City, it was fireworks between she and Barry. They probably won't end up together in the long term due to VanSanten's burgeoning career and comic book loyalties, so in the meantime we'll just be over here treasuring every single gloriously awkward interaction -- complete with Spivot puns -- between them.

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