Kula Shaker Get George Harrison's Blessing

George is a sucker for the sitar.

Kula Shaker are quickly establishing a rep as a band who don't let reality

get in their way. First, they dared release a debut album, K that wed

the seemingly unrelated worlds of Manchester dance beats and Indian

chanting--color them Happy Cornershop--and then they convinced quiet Beatle

George Harrison to revoke his long-standing ban against sampling his material.

It seems the B-side, " Gokula," to the band's fourth UK single, "Govinda,"

contains a sampled guitar riff from Harrison's song "Skiing," off his 1968 solo

album Wonderwall .

The band was barred from releasing the song on

their debut because Harrison's publishers, Northern Songs, only allow full

cover versions of his and Beatles' songs. According to a source at the band's

label, Kula Shaker singer, Crispian Mills, sent a copy of the song to the

ex-Beatle and then picked up the phone and called Georgie Boy to try and

convince him to let the sample stick. Well, when Harrison realized that the two

shared a common interest in all things India and Krishna-related, he gave the

go-ahead for the sample to be used. According to the folks at Columbia Records,

this marks the first time anybody has legally used just one part of a song by a

former member of the Beatles.

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