Fifth Harmony Is Better With Camila, Says Fifth Harmony Fan John Mayer

Wait, is Mayersplaining a thing now?

It's been months since Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony have parted ways, but John Mayer isn't over it. He's so fixated on the split that he opted to take to his piano to explain — Mayersplain, if you will — exactly why the pop group is stronger with Cabello involved.

(We don't know what compelled him to do this, either.)

John Mayer on Fifth Harmony & Camila Cabello tonight on his Instagram Live.. Thoughts?..🤔

— Lauren Jauregui (@LaurenJaureglo) April 4, 2017

Mayer demonstrated what a harmony comprised of four notes sounds like, and then plinked out five notes as a contrast to stress that the latter makes for a more enjoyable listen.

"I like Fifth Harmony," he says, playing away. "But then, Camila left the band, and now it's just this," he said, returning to the four-note movement. "If you really wanted to add me, you'd get this," throwing in a sixth note for good measure, "and that's one too many notes. Point being: Hi, Camila."

Is all this just an elaborate shout-out, or a hearty endorsement of Cabello's abilities? Either way, Cabello and Fifth Harmony don't seem to be focusing on any other notes but their own. Maybe Mayer should do the same?

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