'Amityville' Actress Bets On Clive Owen For 'Casino Royale'

Melissa George lobbies 'Bond' movie producers on behalf of friend.

Fans of the James Bond series have been shaken and more than a bit stirred lately by constant rumors surrounding the casting of the upcoming "Casino Royale."

It is known that Martin Campbell ("GoldenEye") will direct, that Judi Dench will return as M and John Cleese will once again play Q. This still leaves fans without an A, however, to the question of who will be donning the tuxedo for Bond's next adventure.

Actress Melissa George, starring in this month's haunted-house flick "The Amityville Horror," insists that when it comes to Bond, she has an inside track and a vote already cast.

Clive Owen "would be perfect," she said of her leading man on the set of the upcoming drama "Derailed." "He's just a charming brute, and he's got that swagger and that 'man' feel about him. He's a brilliant actor and he's got this humor as well. Everything that a 'Bond' man is."

Such talk might normally sound like an actress toeing the line for her co-star; the Australian-born George, however, recently earned herself a license to shill.

"I had dinner with [Bond producer] Barbara Broccoli in London," George said. "We sat down at the Ivy [restaurant] ... I was trying to suss out who Bond was, but she gave nothing. It's a great role. He should do it for sure."

Broccoli, it seems, is getting Clive Owen pitches from every direction. The actor's "Sin City" co-star Benicio Del Toro personally telephoned the Bond producer to lobby on behalf of Owen (see [article id="1498908"]"Benicio Del Toro Tells Broccolis Clive Owen Should Be Bond"[/article]).

George also admitted that when she met with Broccoli for dinner, she had more on her mind than just Owen: The actress is itching to play one of the "Bond girls" that appear in each installment of the series. "I would love to," she smiled. "Like an assassin, like Lauren Reed from 'Alias' [George's former character on the TV show], but a little bit more overtly sexy."

"It would be quite great," George said of playing a "Bond girl." It might be time to make another reservation at the Ivy -- this time for three.

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