Stephen Colbert Wants A 'Hunger Games' For The Presidential Candidates

Well, that's 'one' way to narrow the field.

With Election Day less than a year away, and more than a dozen politicians all vying for a place on the ballot in the 2016 presidential race, it's really time to get down to business and start eliminating some peeps.

But how? Stephen Colbert has an idea.

A brilliant idea.

"The candidates will be tossed into a fight pit," he said, "and the cannibal media will stand on the precipice, placing wagers on which candidate will emerge from the pit drinking wine from the skull of their vanquished foe!"

Is this "The Hunger Games"? Not quite. It's the latest installment of the comedian's Hungry for Power Games! And that's Stephen Colbert in a blue wig and purple smoking jacket, doing a flawless impression of Caesar Flickerman as he discusses the ever-narrowing field of Republican candidates.

The segment wrapped in true Panem style, with an homage to fallen "tributes" Lindsay Graham and George Pataki projected on the ceiling of the studio.

Of course there might be a few kinks to work out (e.g. the whole state-sanctioned, televised gladiator deathmatch thing seems a tad un-American.) But let's be honest: The prospect of seeing Donald Trump stung into submission by tracker jackers isn't exactly unappealing.

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