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Emilia Clarke Just Found Out The Hard Way That Chewbacca's A Hugger

Wookiees don't shake hands, Wookiees gotta hug

You'd think that her experience as a dragon-riding badass queen on Game of Thrones would prepare Emilia Clarke for pretty much anything, but even she can get bowled over by an impromptu hug from a Wookiee that's got at least two feet on her.

The actress recently hit 10 million followers on Instagram and found out while on set for the yet-to-be-titled Han Solo origin story she's currently filming in London. To celebrate, she found the inimitable Chewie in a down moment, and turned the lens of her phone his way.

If you were ever wondering how excited a giant, furry creature with killer aim and a heart of gold could get about social media, congratulations! Clarke has done the heavy-lifting for you.

Production for the Han Solo feature is well underway, with (new) director Ron Howard giving us a sneak peek into his process and a first glimpse of Donald Glover as a young Lando Calrissian.

Clarke's dispatch from set is the latest, so who knows — maybe we'll get a look at Alden Ehrenreich as Solo sooner vs. later. (And maybe he'll be hugging a Wookiee, too.)