Death Row Dubs Itself "Untouchable"

A challenge?

We'll give the folks at Death Row this much, they always keep it

interesting, if not real. Now, we don't know if it has anything to do with the

signing of Hammer ("Can't Touch This"), but we couldn't help noticing that the

new Tupac album (released under the alias Makaveli), The Don

Killuminati-the 7 Day Theory , bore a new and improved Death Row logo (not

to mention the regal sword and crown Makaveli Records logo). No, they haven't

gotten rid of the hooded convict in the electric chair, but have added the

cryptic phrase "The New and 'Untouchable'" above the words "Death Row."

"Untouchable?" According to a source at Death Row, "That's our new name."

Oh. Apparently the change was instituted this summer and the new moniker

has graced stationary and business cards for months, although the Makaveli

record is the first bit of product to carry the Ness-like addition. (Of note,

as previously reported, the FBI is reportedly looking into alleged ties between

the label and LA gangs.)

When pressed further as to why the label felt it

necessary to qualify their already ominous appellation, our source candidly

said, "Mr. Knight [Death Row CEO Marion "Suge" Knight] wanted that change."

No problem.

Speaking of Mr. Knight, though, AP


Speaking of Mr. Knight, though, AP reported earlier

this week that a probation officer recommended that he stay in jail without

bail because "he's a threat to the community and may flee." Knight was jailed

last month for allegedly violating the terms of his probation by failing to

submit to drug tests. The alleged parole violation stems from a 1995 no contest

plea entered by Knight in connection with a 1992 assault charge on two rappers

for which Knight was sentenced to five years' probation. Yesterday morning

(Nov. 7), however, in a Los Angeles courtroom, Knight lost this preliminary

battle when a judge denied bail.

In related news, the Las Vegas Police

Department have hit so many brick walls in their investigation of the fatal

shooting of Tupac Shakur that they have turned to "America's Most Wanted" for

help. Reports surfaced yesterday that investigators, having made little or no

progress in tracking down the white Cadillac that allegedly pulled up alongside

Suge Knight's car and opened fire on September 7, 1996, re-iterated what Lt.

Larry Spinosa told ATN last month, that the Las Vegas PD were hoping by now

"there would be some type of reward that would be offered as an incentive for

someone to come forward but that's not happened and no one has really come

forward since the night of the incident." Spinosa said he hoped that a dramatic

re-enactment on "America's Most Wanted" would convince a witness to come

forward with clues in the still-unsolved fatal shooting.

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