Diplomats' Jim Jones Talks Getting 'Coached' By Dr. Dre

'That was the most incredible experience in my career,' Jones tells MTV News of iconic producer coming to the Dipset studio.

[artist id="1232931"]The Diplomats[/artist]' reunion has been filled with plenty of highlights so far, from the release of their rousing banger "Salute Me" to the Harlem collective appearing on TV together for the first time in years during the [article id="1649213"]2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards[/article]. Adding to the highlight reel, they recently [article id="1649295"]hit the studio with Dr. Dre[/article] to work on their forthcoming project.

According to Jim Jones, the West Coast legend visited them at the urging of music executive Jimmy Iovine.

"Shout-outs to Dre, that was the most incredible experience in my career," Jones told MTV News at last week's Diesel-sponsored Only the Brave concert. "Dr. Dre came to our studio, which was even more incredible. That was dope. We got to do a few songs with him. He coached me a bit.

"Jimmy Iovine gave us the link to him," he added. "That's a good man."

That Iovine, the chairman of Interscope/Geffen/A&M, aligned Dipset with Dre has only added to speculation that the New York crew is gearing up to ink a recording contract with Interscope Records, as first reported by

Earlier this month, however, Juelz Santana declined to come clean about their future business plans -- just yet.

"We'll wait for all of us [to be] together to announce the move we're making," Juelz explained to MTV News. "We were all in the studio, though."

Over the summer, [article id="1645310"]Cam'ron revealed[/article] the collective had completed almost 10 songs for their comeback set. Jones said once the principals cleared their personal troubles, returning to the studio was second nature for them.

"It's a good feeling," Jones said. "Everybody just comes to the table with their best. It's brotherly competition so it only makes it better. Above all, we came back together for the brotherhood. We grew up together, so there was a love that was lost there. We regained that and it's time for music."

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