13 Celebrities Who Wore Celebrity Costumes This Halloween: Who Won 2013?

Drake, Miley, Paris Hilton and more among the best looks, from sexy to scary and ... just plain strange.

Halloween 2013 went down with way more treats than tricks when it came to celebrity costumes. And while stars like [article id="1716645"]Nicki Minaj opted for sexy looks, a bunch of A-listers wanted to just be ... well, other A-listers.

So who won the "dress up like a celebrity" game? MTV News rounded up some of our favorites.


Drake paid homage to his pal Kanye West when he donned some of the best Yeezus attire he could find, complete with gold mask. It may have been some #HomeMadeDonda, but that doesn't mean it didn't score him the gold ribbon.

Perez Hilton

Sure, it seemed like everyone did Miley Cyrus' 2013 VMA look, but Perez decided to sprinkle some scary goodness into it. Why go as Miley when you can go as Vampire Miley?

Ellen DeGeneres

The talk show host was hardly recognizable wearing a black, barely there top previously worn by the one and only Nicki Minaj. She redefined the term "under-boob cleavage."

Paris Hilton

Paris boldly went where a lot of people went this Halloween, hitting up an early bash as Miley. But her take on the look still had us saying, "That's hot." And since Paris doesn't do anything twice, she switched it up on October 31, donned her best '84 VMAs/"Boy Toy" Madonna get-up. Material girl, indeed!


You've got to love an old-school reference. And Zendaya proved her love for Aaliyah goes deep when she dressed up as the singer, head-to-toe in clothes from Aaliyah's iconic Tommy Hilfiger campaign.

Ariana Grande

Was Ariana a vampire version of Selena Gomez in "Spring Breakers"? We can't think of any other reason why she'd be hanging out with an Alien/Riff Raff lookalike. At the very least, she took the motto "Spring break forever" to a whole new level.

Miley Cyrus

Miley's Lil' Kim-approved re-creation[/article] of the Queen Bee's '99 VMAs look pretty much eclipsed any and all celebrity homage costumes. But that's just Miley being Miley.

Mark Henry

Should the WWE wrestler ever need a second career, he could just be Rick Ross.


The rapper thrilled and was barely recognizable as Michael Jackson from the iconic "Thriller" video.

Matt Lauer

You can't un-see the "Today Show" host in Pamela Anderson's iconic "Baywatch" bathing suit. We dare you to try.

Hugh Hefner

We assume it was easy for Hugh to get into the Robin Thicke spirit since we think he probably already owned a set of black-and-white stripe PJs. And that's all it took to recreate his VMAs look.

David Spade

Aviator specs? Check. Plaid shirt? Check. The "SNL" alum played famed celebrity photographer Terry Richardson for Halloween.

Honey Boo Boo And Crew

Finally, no Halloween would be complete if Honey Boo Boo and her family didn't dress up. This year the Georgia reality TV family dressed up as the Kardashians. And we must admit, Honey Boo Boo as Kris Jenner is actually pretty adorable.