MGK Explains Strange Connection Between 'Beyond The Lights' And Ja Rule And Ashanti

Kells talks about his new movie role.

Machine Gun Kelly may be starring as a rapper in the new film "Beyond the Lights," but that doesn't mean he was just playing a version of himself. The real MGK and his character differed in one distinct way, actually.

"This is gonna sound goofy, but he is this kind of sexual character in the movie," Kells told MTV News this week. "I'm very much so affectionate in private, as myself. And Kid Culprit, his whole thing is, kind of, being proud of being in public with this girl, who's played by Gugu [Mbatha-Raw]. In the movie, she's this huge pop star rising up. It's kind of like this Ja Rule [and] Ashanti type relationship."

Despite that difference, it wasn't that hard for him to find his stride. "I thought it was gonna be uncomfortable, until I saw Gugu," he laughed. "And then I was like, oh my God! This is my job? My job is to kiss her in this scene?!"

But there was one trick he used to help get him in the zone to play Kid Culprit.

"I just wore sunglasses," the Cleveland native said. "And that sounds weird, but I never wear sunglasses. Because I feel like it just hides you from people, and that's not how I am. But Kid Culprit kind of sees himself above everybody, and he is that type of guy. He is about the fashion and the in your face things, like the Lamborghinis. To bring that type of arrogance, I needed a shield -- which was the sunglasses."

"I've never worn sunglasses, so when I first put 'em on, I was like, whoa, this is what being a celebrity douche is like. Ah, got it."

"Beyond the Lights" is in theaters today.