Yep, Iggy Azalea Is Making Money Off Jidenna’s ‘Classic Man’

Iggy says she gets a percentage of the cut's revenue.

Jidenna's "Classic Man" is scorching through the summer the way "Fancy" did last year. And Iggy Azalea is apparently making money off thE track also, even though she doesn't actually appear on it.

Azalea made this announcement Saturday (July 11) via Twitter, confirming talks of "Classic Man" sampling "Fancy." Here's how it all played out:

First, she said she gets a percentage from "Classic Man."

Then she explained that she likes sampling in rap.

She also announced that she'll be utilizing samples on her next LP.

And added that she sometimes can't spot a sample.

So, is the New Classic MC really getting paid off "Classic Man?" Yes, according to Complex. Today, the website revealed that the song features all of "Fancy's" writers and 4 of its 5 producers in the cut's credits. Azalea, whose real name is Amethyst Kelly, is one of the writers credited.

Want to compare these joints? Here's 'Classic Man.'

And here's 'Fancy.'

Jidenna isn't done with "Classic Man." Earlier today the Kendrick Lamar-assisted remix to the track even got its own video. You can check that clip out below.

Still confused by what a "Classic Man" really is? Don't fret. Jidenna broke that down for us recently. You can see his many different definitions below.

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