Celebrate Lecrae's #1 Album With 'Non-Fiction'

The rapper drops a new song after hitting a milestone.

Lecrae breaks down 'All I Need is You' and 'Welcome to America'

Lecrae has the #1 album in the country and it's kind of a big deal. Anomaly moved 88,000 units in its first week on the charts, making him the first solo Christian rapper to debut at the top of the Billboard 200 album chart and the Gospel Albums chart simultaneously.

To celebrate, the Atlanta-based rapper released "Non-Fiction," which didn't make the album, but is a gem nonethless. The song documents his journey to the top -- from moving back and forth between Memphis, Atlanta and Cali, to releasing his acclaimed mixtapes and his Grammy Award-winning album Gravity.

"I ain't do it for the money man/ Nah I made Church Clothes outta love/ And me and Street working day and night/ Wait a minute that Gravity's blowing up," Lecrae spits on the track. "I won a Grammy and I ain't even trippin' on it."

If you need more Lecrae in your life, catching him on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday (September 18).

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