Offspring Shoots "She's Got Issues," Shares Video Insight

The Offspring has been spending a lot of time on the road in support of its quadruple platinum album, "Americana," and the group is currently in the midst of a Japanese tour.

Before heading to Japan, the band took a few days off to shoot the video for its latest single, "She's Got Issues," which frontman Dexter Holland calls an "anti-video" because of its highly conceptual nature.

In a recent MTV interview with the Offspring leader, Holland explained why some songs tend to be better translated to the video format than others.

[article id="1448999"]"[As for] doing videos for songs,"[/article] Holland said, [article id="1448999"]"I think that there [are] different kind of songs [that make good videos]. Some of them do almost seem like they are almost actually scripted, and I think that certain songs, like "Pretty Fly" are almost like that, where you can see the video as you heard the song. Some songs are a little more abstract. But that was one

of ours, I think, that was kind of a natural video." [RealVideo][/article]

You can catch more of Dexter Holland's video wisdom, as well as the premiere of the "She's Got Issues" clip, on MTV's "Making the Video," airing on September 27 at 10:30 p.m. (ET)

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