Alessia Cara Wants You (Yes, You) To Know You’re Beautiful With Her New Video

The ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ visual features interviews with people who have learned to love their imperfections

Alessia Cara doesn’t just depict all kinds of survivors in her new video for “Scars to Your Beautiful.” She hands them the microphone, too.

The young singer’s new visual is interspersed with interviews with people who have had to fight preconceptions about the way they look. One woman discusses how strangers judge her when she’s eating in public because of her weight; another unwraps her head scarf to reveal her baldness.

Throughout the video, people show their scars to the camera while Cara sings about the need to accept beauty in all its various forms: “You don’t have to change a thing / The world could change its heart."

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Cara said, "I wanted to do this kind of video for a very long time ... I had this vision of many different cinematic shots of different kinds of people. I wanted all kinds of people — young, old, whatever their situation, whether it's visible scars, non-visible scars ... I wanted real shots of real people telling their stories, and showing the story through little vignettes."

Cara acknowledged that the song and its video carry a similar message to “Unpretty" by TLC and “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera: "A couple of female artists have done it in the past, and I wanted to put my own spin on it because I feel like you can never have too many reminders and too many songs talking about those things."

Coincidentally, Cara turns 20 today (July 11). Now that she’s officially survived her teens, it’s a perfect time for her to let you know that you’re beautiful exactly how you are.

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