Cole Sprouse And Lili Reinhart Slam 'Reliable Sources' Amid Their Reported Breakup

'A reliable source has confirmed that none of you know shit'

Hearts shattered around the world on Monday morning (July 22), when reports surfaced that Riverdale stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart officially broke up after nearly two years together. And after days of diehard Sprousehart fans trying to come to terms with the very real possibility that the couple might be over, the co-stars hit up Instagram on Thursday (July 25) to let everyone know how they really feel about the "reliable sources" that reported their split.

Along with their brooding W magazine cover, Sprouse and Reinhart each took a jab at those "sources" in the caption — and they certainly didn't hold back. "BREAKING: A reliable source has confirmed that none of you know shit," the actress wrote. Sprouse took his post a step further, writing, "UNPRECEDENTED: Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart consume the flesh of 'reliable sources' to fuel their bacchanalian sex cult." Whatever works, we suppose.

But if you initially took these posts as confirmation that all is good and well between Sprousehart, you may have been mistaken. Interestingly, the magazine article doesn't deny said reports at all. Instead, the author noted that Sprouse and Reinhart opted to answer questions separately — a choice that Sprouse, at the time, chalked up to them wanting to be seen as individuals. "We're not fighting with the idea that people group us together, but we are paired up a lot," he said. "We're acknowledging that we're in a relationship, but it's a small part of who we are as people. We want our own separate identities."

It's also worth noting that the two didn't shy away from answering questions about each other and their relationship. Reinhart, in particular, opened up about how grateful she is that Sprouse wanted to keep things private. "At first, I didn't want things private," she said. "Now that I'm X amount of years in, I do appreciate the privacy we have, that he's encouraged me to take. No one knows how long we've been together, and no one will until we're ready to say it. No one knows how we fell in love, except for our close friends and us. It's really special." And Sprouse himself explained why he prefers to keep his love life under wraps. "Until you go through the paces and the dating stages and know that something is right for you, I don't think it's appropriate to bring others in," he said.

So what does this all mean about the status of Sprouse and Reinhart's relationship? Well, we're not so sure. But maybe we're not supposed to be sure. Perhaps, the pair is just staying consistent with their longstanding privacy policy, and posting those Instagrams might just be their way of letting people know that they don't care what those so-called "reliable sources" are saying — regardless of whether they're correct or not. Sprouse said it best in the interview: "My own happiness and her happiness come before caring about what people are saying." It's hard to argue with that!

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