Cardi B And Offset's Wild 'Clout' Video Is A World Of Gold Chainsaws And Twerking Dominatrixes

Put on some sunscreen before watching this video

Of all the colors in the visual spectrum that closest aligns with the personalities of Cardi B and Offset, yellow would, undoubtedly, be the best choice. The color is bright and unflinching and often used to signify boldness and warmth, and what other words best describe these to charismatic polarizing figures in hip-hop? Offset and Cardi B's new video for "Clout" showers the viewers in grotesque amounts of yellow to link the color to them. It bleeds over chainsaws, pianos, and lemons. You might want to turn your brightness down.

Offset's credited as partly responsible for the creative direction of this perplexing film. He dons a polka-dot, cream-colored mask and moves like a monster without arms, two braids in his hair that, combined with circular shades, give him a Lovecraftian air. He's lurking in another dimension, ready to terrorize visitors. In this realm of black backdrops and yellow walls, Cardi B is his counterpart, equally as mysterious with a dominatrix sheen. Her skin is gripped tight by shiny leather pads and fishnets and as the pair rap about their disgust for attention seeking fans and media members, she beckons for your attention with her sensual movements. When she bathes in a pile of lemons, it's blinding.

"Clout" appears on Offset's debut solo album Father of 4 that came out in February. The LP also features the previously shared lead single, "Red Room." In the accompanying visual, Offset traversed his memories, culminating in a vivid recreation of his serious 2018 car crash.