Comic-Con Shocker: King Kong 'Skull Island' Movie Is Headed To Theaters

Surprise! The gorilla king is back.

How's this for a Comic-Con surprise: Legendary and Universal have a new King Kong movie up their sleeve. The production houses pulled a "one last thing" at their Hall H panel today, showing off a short teaser for "Skull Island," a previously unannounced movie featuring the jumbo-sized gorilla.

"We have been tinkering around with one thing," Legendary CEO Thomas Tull said, closing out the panel, which also featured looks at "Warcraft," Guillermo Del Toro's "Crimson Peak" and an as-yet-untitled "Godzilla" sequel.

The short clip raced over a restless ocean, then through the foliage and rocks on a deserted island, before the giant gorilla was finally revealed from the shadows.

"Being alone in the wilderness, it had gone mad," a voiceover intoned. "It looked at you with a vengeful aspect."

The film will explore the fictional island that is the mythical home of King Kong.

The title card for the film simply read "Skull Island."

According to a press release from legendary, the film will hit theaters November 4, 2016. No director or casting details have yet been released.

Legendary's last go at depicting King Kong on screen was in 2005, with Peter Jackson's "King Kong."

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