Has Madonna Given Up Acting For Good?

'W.E.' director tells MTV News she prefers directing because 'If I'm the actor, I'm just ... I'm a pawn.'

Madonna has given the whole thespian thing a try several times over. So, the idea of hitting the big screen again in front of the camera doesn't really appeal much to the "W.E." writer and director.

"No [I don't want to act], but I do [act] every day of my life," she told MTV News, before waxing a bit more philosophical about her future ambitions for a career on the big screen.

"I like directing better," she further explained. "If I write it and direct it, then it's my voice. If I'm the actor, I'm just ... I'm a pawn."

As Madonna embarks on yet another chapter in her always-evolving career, she explains that she hopes that people will be able to love her for every project she's attached herself to in her decades-spanning career. "I'd rather not divide things up into categories, but I prefer the idea that people would say that I contributed to the culture, the zeitgeist from a female perspective as a musician, as a songwriter, as a filmmaker, in my political point of views of the issues that I've stood by and fought for," she said. "I hope that I consider all of these things to be a part of my body of work and I'd rather not go, 'Oh, she'll be remembered as a great filmmaker, a great songwriter.' "

"W.E." opens Friday and follows two parallel love stories. It focuses on the vintage, tabloid romance between American divorcée [article id="1678091"]Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII[/article] in the 1930s and the modern-day woman, Wally (played by Abbie Cornish), who becomes obsessed with their headline-making affair.

This Friday she also releases her first [article id="1678197"]MDNA[/article] single, "Give Me All Your Luvin'," as well as its video. She's set to take the stage for the [article id="1677849"]Super Bowl halftime show[/article] on Sunday with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A, who also appear on the track.

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