This Story About Robin Williams Giving Conan O'Brien A Bike Will Make You Happycry

'It looked like Mardi Gras.'

Talk show host Conan O'Brien, who found out about comedian Robin Williams' death mid-taping Monday evening, aired a short remembrance of his friend, whom he called the "best talk show guest ever" on Tuesday night's show.

O'Brien, seated alongside Andy Richter, remembered a low point five years ago when his career was famously in flux. Williams, with whom O'Brien was friendly, sent him a gift out of the blue.

Not just any gift: An outrageously silly looking bike. "It was bright orange and bright green and it had shamrocks on it," O'Brien said.

Check out the clip above for the full story, as well as a montage of Williams' appearances with O'Brien that is sure to make you smile.