Ghostface Killah Shows Ingenuity, Love For Soul On Pretty Tony

The Wu-Tang Clan member's Def Jam debut set for August release.

You can't tell by the frosty temperatures in Ghostface Killah's hometown of New York, but summertime is almost here and that means it's time to break out your warm-weather gear. For Ghost, that doesn't mean throwing on the meanest throwback jersey or polo shirt. The rapper, who also calls himself Tony "Ironman" Starks, is getting ready to show the world a whole new arsenal of bathrobes.

Besides being the most flavorful dresser out of the Wu-Tang, Ghost will be rocking the robes extra hard this summer because he's keeping in theme with the title of his Def Jam debut, Pretty Tony, named after a fictional boxer.

According to a source within Ghost's camp, the album will be dropping in August on the MC's imprint Starks Enterprises and the first single will be the club ready "Tush." On the record, Ghost goes back and forth with Missy Elliott over a soulful track that sounds direct from the disco era. Rap's Ironman promises to grind until he catches a cramp while Missy declares, "I can give you what you want ... I can show you to push."

Ghost's love for old soul classics runs rampant throughout the LP as he samples several records from the '60s and '70s. On "Holla," he actually raps over the 1968 Delfonics classic, "La La Means I Love You." Showing his MC ingenuity, Ghost doesn't just sample the beat, he rhymes over the whole track, Delfonics' vocals and all.

Later on in the LP, he rides melodic piano chords for "Paychecks," which features a member of his Theodore Unit named Trife. "This kid is about paper," Ghost says. Further along in the song he warns, "When I arrive, get the f--- out the way ... I'm like a seed at a birthday party, all I want is cake."

Other tracks on the album include "Guerilla Hood" and "Smith Brothers." Rough versions of both tracks have already hit mixtapes and the new versions will be bombarding the streets soon.

Ghost is finishing up production on Pretty Tony in Florida, and is still planning for a few more guest appearances. Outside of his album, you can find the passionate metaphor king on upcoming LPs by Method Man, Mark Ronson, Nate Dogg and newcomer Jonell.

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