'Zoey 101': Where Are They Now?

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If you've been living under a ginormous, soundproof rock for the past few days, you'll be happy to know that we finally (finally) found out what Zoey said about Chase on the "Zoey 101" time capsule episode. And since it's been 10 years since the show first debuted, we started wondering what the kids from PCA are up to now.

Oh, and we're going to go out on a limb and assume they're not still drinking Blix, texting on Tekmates or riding around campus on Jet-Xs.

Jamie Lynn Spears, "Zoey Brooks"


I can tell you what she's NOT been up to lately. She's not out looking for her soulmate, Chase, that's for sure. OK, kidding aside, Spears quit acting in 2008. She has one single called, "How Could I Want More" and an EP titled, "The Journey," both on iTunes. She married Jamie Watson in May 2014. Her adorable daughter Maddie was born in 2008, with then-boyfriend Casey Aldridge.

Paul Butcher, "Dustin Brooks"

Mirek Towski/FilmMagic



Zoey's younger brother is still acting, appearing on "Criminal Minds," "MyMusic" and the upcoming TV show "Destiny 7." Like his fake big sister, Butcher is also a singer, with a single on iTunes called, "Don't Go." Eight months ago, he teased fans with a snippet from his new song "Stop Callin’," but the full-length version has not been released yet.

Sean Flynn, "Chase Matthews"


His most-recent project (obviously) is appearing in the 10-years later time capsule video. Before that, he guest-starred on "Devious Maids" and appeared in the TV movie "Wuthering High School." Fun fact: Flynn is the grandson of famous actor Errol Flynn, according to his IMDb page.

Chris Massey, "Michael Barret"


Massey also appeared in the time capsule video, alongside Flynn. According to his Instagram account, he is "President of MB Records, CEO of Massey Enterprises International." He and little bro Kyle Massey, of "That's So Raven" fame, released their album "Massey Boyz" on iTunes in 2013.

Victoria Justice, "Lola Martinez"


After "Zoey 101" ended, Justice didn't really do much after that. LOL, just kidding. Besides starring on the TV shows "Victorious" and "Eye Candy," she's creating new words and lip-synched her heart out. Basically, she's a BAMF. In addition to countless songs from "Victorious" on iTunes, Justice has two singles, "Gold" and "Snake," on the Apple site as well. Recently, she was chosen as the "Fun and Fearless Leader of the Year" for Cosmo for Latinas.

Erin Sanders, "Quinn Pensky"


A year after "Zoey 101," Sanders joined the cast of "Big Time Rush," playing Camille Roberts. She has two movies coming up, "Limelight" in 2015 and an Untitled Castleberry/Davis Project in 2016.

Matthew Underwood, "Logan Reese"




The snobby rich kid on "Zoey 101" seems to have retired from acting. He was unfortunately arrested for drug possession in 2012, and then arrested again a few months later for violating probation. Since then, he has stayed under the radar, and hasn't been on Twitter or Instagram in a long time. He did, however, hilariously troll a rude driver back in May.

Alexa Nikolas, "Nicole Bristow"




Since leaving PCA, Nikolas seems to have ditched tween shows and guest-starred on several primetime hits. These include "Criminal Minds", "The Walking Dead" and "Mad Men." She married musician Mike Milosh in 2012.

Abby Wilde, "Stacey Dillsen"




The cotton swab-obsessed girl at PCA went on to reprise her iconic role in two other Dan Schneider TV shows, "iCarly" and "Sam & Cat."

Jack Salvatore, Jr., "Mark Del Figgalo"


The love of Quinn's life, Salvatore, Jr. played Brad on the TV show "10 Things I Hate About You." He's also an occasional Viner, reminding us why we fell in love with Mark Del Figgalo in the first place.

So, where's the petition to bring "Zoey 101" back?! Also, GO FIND YOUR SOULMATE, JAMIE LYNN SPEARS. HE'S WAITING FOR YOU.



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