Phoenix Begin Work On 'Experimental' New Album

The band recorded sessions with an Australian percussion group for their 'futuristic' follow-up to 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.'

The last time we heard from [article id="1654133"]Phoenix, they told MTV News[/article] that they were planning to begin work on the follow-up to their breakout Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album on "the 4th of January -- to be precise," and it looks like they were telling the truth.

From the sound of things, the Franco-pop stars are already hard at work on their new album ... down in Australia. In an interview backstage at Sydney's Good Vibrations Festival, Phoenix's Thomas Mars and Deck D'Arcy told that they were planning to do some recordings for their new album, with an orchestra that ... well, let's let them attempt to explain it:

"We're meeting an orchestra that specializes in, uh, I don't know how to say it in English," Mars said.

"We're going to record a bunch of percussionists in [Australian beach town] Byron Bay," D'Arcy added.

"It's a test, if it works, we'll probably come back and record something that's going to be on the album," Mars said.

This is the first bit of solid news we've gotten on the band's next album, which, as they were quick to point out, might be a bit of a departure from the hooky pop of Amadeus.

"It sounds like the TGV, it's a fast French train, it sounds like that," Mars explained. "It's very ... nostalgic, futuristic. It's very experimental, it's very minimal music. ... I think because we do a lot of music with drum machines -- we blend a lot drum machines and real drums -- for us, it's a way to escape that. There's something a little frustrating when you do pop music, and drums are, they're the DNA of our music, because we'd like to go somewhere else, we want to change that DNA."